Young Frankenstein Preview

Check out this brief video introduction to Good Company Players’ production of Young Frankenstein, now on stage at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater!

Eat! Drink! and be Musical!

    “I, too, can’t say enough about Daddy Long Legs.  An unknown show it proved to be forever memorable.” 18-year-old orphan, Jerusha Abbot, is given a college scholarship by a mysterious benefactor. Asked only that she write him once a month relaying her progress, Jerusha proceeds to christen her anonymous patron “Daddy Long Legs” […]

On stage in July, and more…

Opening July 18 at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater is Calamity Jane, with country music legend Louise Mandrell in the title role.  The big bonus is that Louise brought her instruments with her, and she raises the rafters with fiddles, accordion, banjo and harmonica. Good Company Players’ production of Calamity Jane is light-hearted, rip-roaring fun as […]

The 2019 Season

The 2019 Season at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater Here are the shows and dates for the 2019 Season from the Good Company Players at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater.    

Damn Yankees is on stage

  7 Tonys!  Best Musical!  The team you love to hate!  A delicious temptress!  A deal with the devil!  A surprise ending!  And a man deeply in love with his wife.  Damn Yankees is a a wickedly romantic musical comedy with music you’ll be humming for weeks. But “first ya gotta have heart.”  Or actually, first […]