7 Tonys!  Best Musical!  The team you love to hate!  A delicious temptress!  A deal with the devil!  A surprise ending!  And a man deeply in love with his wife.  Damn Yankees is a a wickedly romantic musical comedy with music you’ll be humming for weeks.

But “first ya gotta have heart.”  Or actually, first ya gotta get tickets.  Call 266-9494 or click the link below to buy online.

All ya really need is heart, a mouse click, (and your credit card)

Where the girls are

They’re at Mrs. Orcutt’s Boarding House for young ladies in New York City, working and hoping for their big break in show business.

As these charming, starry-eyed ingénues come and go through the parlor of the boarding house, their dreams, ambitions, talent — and lack of it — are revealed amidst much laughter and a few tears.  

Here’s Kings River Life’s review of Stage Door, which is on stage at GCP’s 2nd Space through June 18 and rated PG.

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