• The Rumor – A Lemon and Lavender Gin and Tonic with Sapphire Gin, Lemon Liqueur and Lavender Syrup
• The 10th Anniversary – Vanilla Rum, Orange Juice, Coconut Cream, Sweet & Sour and Blue Curacao
• The Gunshot – Hot Coffee, Chocolate, Brandy, Dark Cream de Cacao. Topped with Whipped Cream and Nutmeg
• Dr. Dudley’s Advice – (Mocktail) – Strawberry Puree, Amaretto Syrup, Sweet & Sour and Soda Water        (Also Available with Strawberry Vodka and Amaretto)


• The Car Crash – Chocolate Malt with Whipped Cream Vodka and Irish Cream

• The Dinner Party – Pineapple and Cherry Shake with Pineapple Rum

• Klutzy Ken – Toffee Nut Shake with Van Gogh Caramel Vodka

**All Shakes are Available using Non-Alcoholic Substitutions**

Before the show starts, order any drinks and desserts you would like served at intermission.
Your server will bring them to your table as soon as the first act ends.