Break a leg?

What do you say to an actor to express the wish that things go well?
That’s the topic for this month’s chat from Dan Pessano.

This is Bethany, daughter of Jennifer Money from our box office.  Jennifer says she bought her family to our still-shut theater to take pictures, just because she is missing it so much.  We all are, and we’re now having employee get-togethers on Zoom, just to see each other’s faces and catch up.  As for Bethany, she clearly has star charisma.  We may be showing this photo again in 18 years when she premieres on Broadway.
Patrons pitch in to help.  Jim Irvine talks about the
Go Fund Me campaign he started with Donald Munro.

You’re helping us too!

Getting the virus under control is what will enable theaters to thrive again.
We are ready and eager to open the doors, fire up the grill and light up the stage just as soon as we reach that point.