Good Company Players at
Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater

Stay safe!  That’s what we all need to do as California works its way through this painful pandemic.  As bad as we feel about the prolonged closure of our dinner theater, our hearts break for those who have lost family, friends or livelihoods to COVID-19.  And we ache for the exhausted health care workers who risk their own health in caring for victims of the virus.

So, we hope for the will to pull together as a state and a nation to stop the spread of this Coronavirus.  And we wait for the time when we can safely invite you into our theaters once again.

Here’s another look back at moments from past shows.
What is better than being told you are loved?  Our hearts are full after reading the many comments on a GoFundMe page, organized by Jim Irvine and Donald Munro.  Unbeknown to us, they launched the project to assist us in weathering the COVID-19 shutdown and its aftermath.  The kindness on display is breathtaking.  Thank you!
You can view the comments here
Here are more memorable moments from past shows