What to Expect

When you arrive at the theater you will be greeted by our friendly hostess who will take your name, check her seating chart and guide you to your table.  Our service staff will take over from there and you will find them to be carefully and cheerfully attentive to your needs.

Coffee or iced tea is included with your dinner and you’ll find a wide selection of excellent drinks – ranging from milkshakes to merlots, margaritas and martinis from our full bar.

If you attend on a Friday or Saturday night, you will order from the menu at your place setting and your server will take care of the various elements of your meal.  On Thursdays and Sundays you can dig in to our bountiful buffet.

Your server will describe our array of desserts before the show begins and, if you select one, it will be served at intermission.

Appropriate dress for the theater is what we think of as “dressy comfortable.”  You certainly don’t need to wear your tux or ball gown and we hope you don’t show up in flip flops, cutoffs or t-shirts.  A comfortable spot in-between is what to aim for.

You can’t take pictures or record during the performance for a number of reasons – chief among them being disturbing the people around you, violating the terms of our royalty agreements with the owners of the performance rights and blinding the actors with flash.

For obvious reasons, we also want you to turn off your cell phone, smart phone, iPad, leaf blower and cement mixer before the show begins.

In consideration for the rest of our patrons, we generally do not admit children under school age because understandably they find it difficult to be still and quiet for the length of the show.  In fact, we expect that any child (or spouse:) who becomes restless or disruptive will be taken out to the lobby.

Our aim is to make each time you attend the best night out of your whole year.

Some basic info:

The buffet dinner and the show at Roger Rocka’s is $55 on Thursdays and Sundays. The table service dinner/show on Fridays and Saturdays is $59.

On Friday and Saturday nights, dinner service begins at 5:30., with the Pre-Show at 7:30 and the main show at 8 o’clock.

The Sunday matinee brunch buffet is served from 11 a.m., with the Pre-Show at 1 p.m. and the main show at 1:30.

Buffet service starts at 5:30 on Thursday evenings and 5 on Sunday evenings. The Pre-Show starts at 7, and the main show goes on at 7:30.

Seating chart