November 18 is our target date for reopening the restaurant at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater and we have submitted our plans to the health department for approval. We need to be clear though.  There won’t be any performers on our stage for now.  That simply isn’t allowed under current pandemic conditions and likely won’t be for quite some time yet.

Here’s what you will find.  Excellent food and service, plenty of space between parties, and adherence to all the proven safety protocols.  All of our staff will be masked.  And you’ll need to wear a mask any time you are not seated at your table.  Our total capacity will be 25% of normal, just 66 people.

Best of all, Good Company Players is providing the secret sauce.  Dan Pessano and Don Thompson have put together a wonderful video collection of historical highlights. I watched the first set of highlights with a big grin on my face and a few tears on my cheeks.  The highlight reel runs about 55 minutes and we’ll be showing it on our large screen during dinner.

We’re going to begin with a single seating each evening by reservation only.  That will enable us to know how many parties of different sizes are coming and allow us to seat people for maximum spacing and safety.  We’re planning on Sunday Brunch, too.  At the beginning of November, we’ll email you again with the menu, days of operation and how to reserve.  We’ll also post that information on our website at

All of this is dependent, of course, on approval of our plans by the health department and on an improving infection rate in Fresno County.  We’ll keep you posted.


Some of you expressed a preference for dining outside and we thoroughly explored the possibility of setting up in the parking lot south of our building.  In the end, it just didn’t pan out.  There’s no direct route to the lot from inside our building.  The distance from our kitchen and all the other things that are needed convinced us that both food and service would suffer and the overall experience would not meet expectations.

Of course, there also were respondents who were less than enthusiastic about dining in a parking lot.  Thank you all for the feedback you gave us and for your many expressions of support and encouragement.

This year has been full of the unexpected in a bad way, so we’re doing something unexpected in a good way! Join us for GCP’s first ever Halloween Costume Pop-Up Sale: October 23 & 24 from 11am – 6pm in the lobby of GCP’s 2nd Space Theatre.

We have great costumes available for men, women, and children—so if you’re looking for something to dazzle your ghoul friends from a safe distance or just to spice up your wardrobe for your next binge-watch, come check it out!